1. KU DIS·GSIS Website Renewal http://int.korea.edu
  1) All students are responsible for checking notices and announcements posted to the Website.

2. How to Log In [Click]
  1) Create your ID/PW from KUPID https://portal.korea.ac.kr
  2) Log in to BLACKBOARD https://kulms.korea.ac.kr using KUPID ID/PW  


3. Preparation for Online Courses

  1) Guidance of methods and preparation for online courses
    ▶ Includes the methods of courses, real-time online courses, requesting for auditing students, etc.
  2) Please be fully aware of the Online Courses Guideline website
    ▶ Students FAQ
  3) Inquiries about online classes: 
      e-Learning Team 02-3290-1585~6  elearning@korea.ac.kr
      or contact via 어흥Talk (Click the 'Tiger icon' at the bottom right corner of the website)

4. Using KU MAIL

  1) How to sign up and sign in
  2) If you do not use KU MAIL, you may not receive the IMPORTANT NOTICE from the school. Please create a KU MAIL account for a smooth conversation on-campus.
 You may check the KU MAIL from your personal email account (ex. GMAIL, NAVER, etc.) by setting <Importing external mail>.

5. Update Personal Info on KUPID
  1) KUPID → Registration/Graduation → [University Registration] Edit University Registration
  2) Please fill in your current phone number and the e-mail address that you use frequently. It is recommended to use KU MAIL for your email address.

6. International Studies Hall Entry [Click]
  1) You can only enter the building through the door of the 2nd floor.
  2) If you have not applied for the entrance to the CheongDam Study Room, please apply for it.
     You cannot enter the International Studies Hall unless you apply for the entrance to the CheongDam Study Room.
  3) Mon-Fri 08:30-17:30      
  Please carry your student ID card, wear a mask, sanitize your hands, and cooperate with the heat check.
  4) Other than that time     
  You can enter by tagging your student ID card on the left side of the door (+ wear a mask, and sanitize your hands).
  Please refrain from entering the building except for classes or urgent business.