ALL Spring 2021 international freshmen (including those w/ A , E, F-type visa) MUST submit an Arrival Report and a proof of ARC. Please read the following carefully before filling in the form.

· Submission Period: Within 5 days after you arrive Korea

· How to Submit: Please submit the required documents to official email of Administration Office of Graduate School of International Studies(

·Required Documents
1. Arrival Report [Attachment 1]
2. Proof of ARC (choose one from the following)
  1) Appointment Receipt(Sejongno Immigration Office) ·
  2) Certificate of Application for Permit of Stay ·
  3) Copy of front & back sides of Alien Registration Card(ARC)(or Residency Card)

- If your passport information has changed from the one submitted during the admission period,
please submit 1 copy of passport ID page. (the page with your photo)

· Guide on Filling in the Arrival Report Form
① Provide the student's own contact number in Korea. (If the student does not have a number in
Korea, he/she should give the number being used in his/her home country)
② Write the contact number(family) that can be reached immediately in case of an emergency.
  * DO NOT give the number of study-abroad agency
③ Write the information as stated in the passport. For Alien Registration number, write if there's
one that has been used before in Korea. Otherwise, give the date of birth only.

Important Immigration Law for International Students
① Based on the immigration law in Korea, all international freshmen at Korea University MUST obtain
a student visa(D-2) before the semester begins (March 1st, 2021). If the students possess other
types of visa like D-4, B-1, and B-2, they must apply for a student visa(D-2) as soon as possible.
② C-3 visas CANNOT be changed to a student visa(D-2) in Korea. Students entering Korea with such visas must leave Korea, and apply for a student visa(D-2) under the name of Korea University
at the Korean embassy or consulate in their home countries.
③ Freshmen who possess a student visa(D-2) issued from another university MUST leave Korea, and
apply for a new student visa (D-2) from the Korean embassy or consulate in their home countries.
④ KU GSIS is obligated to report the changes in student’s status(e.g. leave of absence, graduation, expel, expulsion, withdrawal, dual-degree, etc.) to the immigration office. After the report, the student’s ARC (D- 2) will be terminated regard less of the remaining length of stay. Also, the student MUST leave Korea within 15 days from the date of change occurrence.
⑤ KU GSIS is NOT in charge of maintaining VISA, extending and checking validity of ARC, or performing notification duties for individuals. Students are liable to every possible disadvantage or penalty that can be caused by improper maintenance or neglect.

For more detailed information regarding a student visa & immigration, please refer to the website of Global Service Center,

Thank you.