One of the many benefits of the BK21 Program of Glocal Studies is the opportunity to present your research at reputable academic conferences. 

KU-GSIS will put together BK21 Graduate Student Panels at the World Congress for Korean Politics and Society hosted by the Korean Political Science Association (KPSA).

The 2021 World Congress will be held from August 18(Wed) to 20(Fri) at Korea University and will bring together scholars, policymakers, and students across the globe to exchange their insights on politics and international relations of Korea and beyond. 

If you want to present your thesis or research paper at the World Congress, please apply. All you need to submit at the time of application is a (tentative) paper title and a paragraph-length abstract. 

BK21 Participants from all three tracks can apply, and your paper topic does not have to be Korean politics. Any up to 8 students will be selected. The BK21 program will cover the conference registration fee. As a panelist, you can also attend all other exciting panels at the World Congress.

If you want to apply, please submit an application form by April 23(Fri) via email (