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주제: The EU as a stepping-stone to Omnilateralism

일시: 2021512() 17:00-18:00

언어: 영어

연사: Dr. Wolfgang Pape (“Opening to Omnilateralism”의 저자)

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*Zoom 회의 ID: 808 950 9618

암호: Kugsis21@@

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GPAS-Europe and KU Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence will be co-hosting an online special lecture on the title of “The EU as a stepping-stone to Omnilateralism” by Dr. Wolfgang Pape. We cordially invite you to attend this honouring lecture.

(If you are interested, please pre-register for the lecture via the link below.)

Topic: The EU as a stepping-stone to Omnilateralism

Date/Time: Wednesday, 12 May, 17:00 – 18:00

           Language: English

           Lecture by: Dr. Wolfgang Pape (Author of “Opening to Omnilateralism”)

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* Zoom Conference ID: 808 950 9618

Password: Kugsis21@@

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