Korea University (KU) is an exciting place to study about Korea then and 

Korea now. First, our Global Korean Studies (GKS) program is situated in

a highly multicultural environment. KU students come from all over the 

world (more than 100 countries), creating a dynamic environment in which 

a diverse group of students from different cultural, linguistic, and 

philosophical backgrounds share their ideas and study together.


Second, the students have many opportunities to explore Korea in its regional 

and global contexts. Our program is special in that we emphasize global as

well as regional perspectives and multidisciplinary approaches that combine

insights from political science, sociology, culture, history, economics, and 

legal studies. Our program is also tailored to meet the needs of diverse students. 

Specifically, our curriculum is designed to provide education in both Korean

and English so that students can build proficiency in both languages.


Third, GKS students can expect ample exposure to both theoretical and 

practical knowledge. GKS’s courses are taught by an international faculty 

educated at some of the world’s finest universities. Students also benefit 

from our mentoring program, in which students are introduced to a faculty

member as their personal mentor. Many of our faculty members are active 

shapers of Korean and international policy through their roles as consultants

to and officials in the Korean government, international institutions, firms, 

and NGOs. This offers our students a wealth of concrete experiences, insights, 

and access into the inner workings of such organizations. Students can 

further benefit from professors’ active research agendas. They can apply for

a double-major with many other KU departments to customize and creatively 

strengthen their unique academic profile.


To gain practical knowledge to navigate Korea in the world, students are 

encouraged to gain on-the-job experience by engaging in internships in 

international organizations, government institutes, and domestic and

international companies. Moreover, students have opportunities to 

participate in the activities of a number of directly attached policy and 

research centers like the EU Centre, the International Human Rights Center,

the Center for Global Climate and Marine Governance, the East Asia 

Research Center, and the UNDP Seoul Policy Center.


Fourth, as members of one of Korea’s oldest and highest ranking universities, 

GKS students gain access to an immense range of university resources. 

This includes the university’s vast global network of 744 partner universities

in 78 countries, including University 21, a network of 18 leading universities

in 9 countries that promotes international student exchange.


Finally, Korea University’s GKS program is further enriched through its 

location in the capital city of one of the world’s most economically and socially 

dynamic countries. Situated at the geographical heart of East Asia, Korea 

constitutes a prime example of late 20th century rapid economic development 

and socio-cultural transformation and is now increasingly sharing its 

development experience and knowledge with countries throughout the 

rapidly globalizing world.

In short, GKS offers an exceptional curriculum and opportunities for 

experiential learning. Join us, experience Korea beyond K-pop, and build 

a foundation for your future.