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Korea University

Division of International Studies & Graduate School of International Studies

Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the Division of International Studies (DIS) and the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at Korea University. With the aim of training experts who can meet the intellectual demands of the global era, DIS and GSIS of Korea University were launched in 2002 and 1991, respectively. They now stand out as being the major programs of the university with nearly 500 students and 40 faculty members, including adjunct professors.

One of the most appealing aspects of DIS and GSIS is that they are pursuing interdisciplinary programs encompassing a wide range of disciplines, including International Commerce, International Development & Cooperation, and International Peace & Security as well Regional Studies and Korean Studies. The world faces many challenges, including climate change, US-China trade war, humanitarian emergencies, military conflicts and terrorism, which require approaches and solutions that cross the boundaries of academic disciplines. The interdisciplinary education at DIS and GSIS allows students to deepen their global perspectives and to gain valuable insights into the dynamics of global governance, international relations, international trade and business, and development organizations.

Moreover, the 3+2 combined/dual degree program between DIS and GSIS provides students with opportunities to complete both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in five years, while giving the benefits of expanding knowledge in diverse areas. Furthermore, DIS’ cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides students with essential experience and knowledge in the areas of diplomacy and international organizations.

In addition, the interdisciplinary study at KU-GSIS means that the program is intimately linked with not only other departmental programs of Korea University but also with the programs at leading universities overseas. Accordingly, KU-GSIS offers, among others, dual degrees at overseas affiliated institutions, internship programs, summer programs abroad, and executive programs for corporate clients. Such exciting opportunities can be grabbed by high caliber students from all parts of the world.

Against this backdrop, I am very confident that our programs at DIS and GSIS are well designed to meet the high demands of the most talented students from all over the world. I am also privileged and thrilled to welcome those who are well motivated and determined to become future leaders of the international community. I thus sincerely look forward to welcoming you at DIS and/or GSIS of Korea University in the near future.

Jae-Seung Lee, Ph.D.

Dean & Jean Monnet Chair

Division of International Studies (DIS) / Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS)

Korea University, Seoul