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Special Programs

Combined B.A.-M.A. program (3+2 Program)

CIS encourages Bachelor students to pursue postgraduate studies closely affiliated with the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at Korea University. CIS & GSIS offers a combined program of three years Bachelor’s and two years Master’s degree which can be completed in a total of five years. Interested students are suggested to apply to the 3+2 Program at the start of their junior year.


CIS actively encourages first professional experiences and coordinates internship opportunities for students. The internship program offers information about internship opportunities across diverse institutions and corporations such as the UN, the Asian Development Bank, international NGOs, and other public and private organizations. Students gain first-hand experience in the activities of government and business organizations. Internship opportunities are posted by the Career Development Center (see Undergraduate program → Career Development).

Freshman/ Mentoring Seminar

All CIS freshmen are assigned to freshmen seminars. These seminars are mentoring programs in which students are assigned to a faculty member as their personal mentor. This allows students to discuss and consult with KU CIS faculty members about their study visions and career outsets. The main goal is to facilitate interactions between students and faculty members in order to ensure satisfied students as well as maximum study and career success.

KU International Summer Campus

Korea University’s International Summer Campus (KU ISC) is the most renowned of its form in Korea and one of the best summer schools in Asia. It is administered by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) and offers a 6-week intensive academic program each year from June to August on the university’s main campus in Seoul. A large variety of courses are offered in the fields of Business and Economics, Humanities, Sociology and Cultural Studies, Fine Art/Design, Science, Law, Politics & International Relations, Korean and East Asian Studies, as well as Korean language. Courses are often taught by famous international scholars particularly invited to teach at ISC. For the official ISC page CLICK HERE.

KU International Winter Campus

Korea University’s International Winter Campus (KU IWC) provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Korea through academic and cultural immersion during the winter months. From January and February, it offers one semester’s load of work condensed into two separate three-week sessions, during which renowned professors teach both domestic and international students. Along with the academic opportunities, students can enjoy Korean culture outside of the classroom including one-day field trips such as a fun ski trip or K-pop experience. KU IWC welcomes current high school or college students who wish to study in Korea but may not be able to do so during the regular academic year. For the official IWC page CLICK HERE.