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No Title Writer Views Date
88 GSIS alum Youngseo Ahn and Prof. Sijeong Lim's research on King Sejong Institutes' public diplomacy published in Korea Observer (Vol. 54: Dec 4, 2023) CIS&GSIS Office 453 2023.12.15
87 Prof. Changrok Soh Participated in the 139th Session of the Human Rights Committee (09 October - 03 November 2023) CIS&GSIS Office 296 2023.11.20
86 Prof. Sijeong Lim's research on hope amongst children in Kenya and Zambia during COVID-19 published in Youth & Society (Vol 55:7, Oct 2023) GSIS Office 473 2023.10.10
85 Prof. Potter and Lim published commentaries on sustainable development in Korea on Point GSIS Office 407 2023.10.10
84 Prof. Rudolf visited European universities and participated at international university fair CIS&GSIS Office 392 2023.10.04
83 Prof. Changrok Soh participated in the 138th Session of the Human Rights Committee (26 June - 28 July 2023) CIS&GSIS Office 506 2023.08.16
82 Professor Sijeong Lim published a commentary on the topic of carbon tax in the Regulatory Review CIS&GSIS Office 501 2023.07.27
81 Prof. Suh Yong Chung received the Service Merit Medal from the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (06/19/2023) CIS&GSIS Office 560 2023.06.29
80 Prof. Sijeong Lim's research confirms the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on domestic violence towards children (Public Health, Volume 221, August 2023) CIS&GSIS Office 459 2023.06.29
79 Prof. Moonsung Kang, Dean of KU CIS and GSIS, Article on 한경BUSINESS (06/03/2023) CIS&GSIS Office 473 2023.06.20