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Double Degree

All KU CIS students are encouraged to apply for the 2nd major (이중전공) or interdisciplinary major (융합전공) programs, allowing them to graduate with two Bachelor degrees within four years. In fact, the majority of CIS students (approx. 70 percent) are currently following this strategy. Choosing a second major and studying at two departments at the same time allows students to further expand their knowledge and acquire additional skills in an area of their choice. It enables them to further specialize in one of the fields related to international studies while raising their market value and employment potential. While other departments try to offer part of their courses in English, it should be noted that most courses in the second major are offered in Korean language.

Second major via the 이중전공 (2nd major) program

In principle, students can apply for double major (이중전공) at any department of Korea University with the exceptions of the Department of Medical Science, the College of Nursery, Cyber Defense, and the College of Pharmacy. Due to limited availability, students are required to have high GPAs during their freshman year in order to enter their preferred second major. More detailed information is available at the CIS’ Administration Office (행정실). More detailed information is available HERE.

The following is a list of second majors that current CIS students are enrolled in via the double major (이중전공):

Second major via the 융합전공 (interdisciplinary major) program

The interdisciplinary major program tries to address key issues of the 21st century by using a strong interdisciplinary approach. It is similar to the double major program, yet second major courses are offered collectively by several departments across Korea University. More information can be obtained HERE. The following is a list of second majors that KU CIS students can apply to via the interdisciplinary major (융합전공) program:

A full list of interdisciplinary major programs and their required courses can be downloaded HERE.