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Doctoral Degree


Doctor of Philosophy in International Commerce | 국제통상학 박사 (국제통상 전공)

This program targets young scholars interested in the field of International Commerce. The miraculous development of Korea can be largely attributed to its success in international business and trade. As such, GSIS has particular expertise in trade and FDI as well as specializing in both macro and micro-approaches to aid young scholars in conducting cutting-edge research. Possible research topics in International Commerce include Multilateral & Regional Trade Relations, Foreign Direct Investment, Strategic Management, and Electronic Commerce.

Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations | 국제관계학 박사 (국제협력 전공)

Being the prime example of rapid economic growth and development as well as the world’s first recipient-turned-donor country, the Republic of Korea is a leader of development studies as well as a hub for international relations in Asia. This program targets young scholars interested in cutting-edge research in the field of International Development & Cooperation. From global macro issues to carefully-crafted micro research, the school offers specializations in a number of research fields including Sustainable Development, International Trade & Development, Multilateral & Regional Cooperation, International Organizations, Peace and Security, Water & Development, Poverty & Inequality, Urban Development, Climate Change, Energy Security, Gender & Development, Human Rights, and Comparative Culture & Subjective Well-Being.

Curriculum Structure and Course Offerings

Curriculum Structure
Curriculum Structure
Type of Course Required Credits
Core Courses 9
Major Required Courses 9
Major Elective Courses 12
General Elective Courses 6
Total 36

PhD students at GSIS have to complete their course work and submit and defend a PhD thesis. Students have access to a wide range of GSIS courses:

  1. The following Core Courses are designed particularly for PhD students, and are usually taught as evening classes
    • Advanced Seminar in International Development & Cooperation
    • Advanced Seminar in International Commerce
    • Advanced Seminar in International Peace and Security
    • Advanced Seminar in East Asian Studies
    • Advanced Seminar on Globalization and Global Problems
    • Advanced Seminar in European Studies
    • Advanced Research Methods
  2. For a detailed list of courses that have been offered each semester, click HERE and go on to “Graduate School Courses” under the English menu, then select “Graduate School of International Studies” in both large selection bars. This will also allow you to download the syllabus of each course.
  3. Many M.A. courses are available to fulfill the requirements for Elective Courses. 
  4. KU GSIS students further have the possibility to attend courses from other GSIS departments in Seoul (SNU, Yonsei, Ewha, Sogang, Chung-ang, HUFS, Hanyang).