Korea university Division of International Studies, Graduate School of International Studies

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Korea University

Division of International Studies & Graduate School of International Studies

Student Activities

As one of the oldest and most prestigious higher education institutions, Korea University provides students with an energetic and dynamic community located on one of Korea’s most beautiful campuses. There is a broad variety of activities to get involved in:

  • More than 80 student-run clubs and associations are available for students to join on Korea University’s Anam campus.
  • The famous annual friendship sports battle between Korea University and Yonsei University, Ko-Yon-Jeon, attracts nationwide attention and is broadcasted all around the country.
  • Anam campus hosts the popular Granite Tower Festival in May, which features, among others, K-Pop acts and a street food festival.
  • KU provides opportunities to get involved in social voluntary work as well as well as in KU newspaper, broadcasting, etc.
  • There is a one-on-one buddy program between international and Korean students.
  • Last but not least, the multicultural nature KUDIS provides priceless opportunities of informal encounters and friendship ties with students from all around the world.

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