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Center for Global Climate and Marine Governance


Established in July 2016 in affiliation with the Global Research Institute of Korea University, the Center for Global Climate and Marine Governance (CGCMG) focuses on the issues of climate change, ocean governance, environment, sustainable development, Arctic and Antarctic governance and soft security both at international and regional levels.

1. Capacity Building for Developing Countries

Developing countries are usually more vulnerable to climate change than developed countries due to the lack of appropriate infrastructure and institutions. Therefore, capacity building is essential for developing countries in addressing climate change through climate change mitigation and adaptation.

2. Environment Regime Building in Northeast Asia

Problems posed by fine dust as well as Yellow Sea contamination due to industrial development have been the serious common regional environmental issues in Northeast Asia. These transboundary issues require strengthening regional cooperation and institution building based on consideration of the unique geopolitical situation in Northeast Asia amongst China/Japan/Korea and inter-Korea.

3. Cooperation on Low Carbon Technology

In pursuing the long-term vision of the Paris Agreement, technology transfer and the strengthening of low-carbon development strategies as well as technical capacities must be emphasized. In particular, the transfer of technology to developing countries will greatly assist them in both adaptation and mitigation efforts as they need technical assistance and know-how.

4. MRV and Cooperative Approaches and Carbon Market under the Paris Agreement

Post-2020 climate regime and Paris Agreement opened up new possibilities for the expansion of the international carbon market as it allowed to adopt market mechanisms for each country to achieve its NDC. As an enhanced transparency framework, MRV will cover the country’s progress on its identified climate actions, and to assist the country in assessing its pathway for achieving the goals set in its NDC.

5. Nexus between SDGs and Climate Change

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals put emphasis on climate change as one of the most pressing global challenges we face today. Along with the SDG 13: Climate action, three goals align directly with the climate change agenda: SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy, SDG 13: Climate action, SDG 14: Life below water, and SDG 15: Life on land.


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