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Student Societies

Human Rights Society

Are human rights real? Who defines human rights? Do human rights matter? These are just some of the questions HR Society attempt to answer at our meetings. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been in existence for 70 years, and yet around the world, HR Society continue to see gross human rights violations. Why? The Human Rights Society is a place to discuss these pressing human rights issues and what we can do about them, with individuals that have a wide variety of perspectives. It is a place to learn, and share important information, such as volunteering opportunities or human rights resources; but also to make friends. HR Society have weekly meetings over dinner, led by members who have a particular topic they would like to talk about, or occasionally there are guest seminars. HR Society also have the occasional social to interesting events in Seoul—from a women’s self-defense workshop to a cherry blossom festival! The best thing is that the topics we cover are directly relevant to our classes at GSIS, so you can further your studies all whilst having fun and being fed!

East Asia Society

East Asia Society gathers together to discuss about interesting topics within North and South East Asia (ASEAN). The society consists of 20-30 members and it opens to everyone in GSIS who is interested in gaining knowledge about the region. The society provides a platform where students are able to share knowledge through presentations, documentaries and discussions. All topics discussed are related to the region and involve cultural, developmental, political, economic and human rights aspects. For instance, 'the Drugs War in the Philippines', 'Tensions on the Korean peninsula' and 'the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar, etc. Every meeting includes a dinner and on top of that, the society organizes field trips where students have the opportunity to experience the culture of East Asia.

EU Society

The European Society at Korea University is dedicated to educating, promoting and enlightening people about the entity that is Europe and its many countries and cultures. This is usually done through meetings throughout the semester that focuses on a specific topic related to Europe or a specific country or issue within or related to Europe. The European society also benefits greatly from the fact that Korea University is host to the KU-KIEP-SBS EU Centre, an organization that hosts many events related to Europe and the European Union, which the European Society helps promote. European Society is a forum where people can discuss, debate and share their opinions and at the same time learn a great deal about Europe.




Society for Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Wildfires, droughts, rising sea-levels, the loss of biodiversity, harsh hurricanes or typhoons are only some of the consequences of Climate Change we experience today. We cannot stop it, but we can try to adjust our lifestyles, raise awareness and mitigate some of the worst effects that are to come. The Society for Climate Change and Sustainable Development (SCCSD) aims to educate and share knowledge about some of the current issues regarding the environment. Our activities are made possible by the Center for Global Climate and Marine Governance (CGCMG) and we work with the support of the Interdisciplinary Study Group of Climate Change and Environment of Korea University. All Graduate Students of Korea University are welcome to join. Participants have the possibility to present about related topics of their interest and involve themselves in discussions with other attendees. Each presenter is free to choose their own angle of approach. Therefore the participants can view Climate Change and Sustainable Development from various perspectives and engage with different opinions. If the opportunity arises we can have special lectures, attend on- and off-campus workshops or just enjoy a relaxed movie night. Food will be provided after our weekly meetings and any ideas or requests regarding our activities are always met with welcoming arms.