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Welcome to Korea University's Global Open Major Division!
At Korea University, we understand that many students preparing for university admission face the challenge of choosing the right major. This decision can be even more daunting for international students who have decided to study in Korea, as they navigate unfamiliar Korean universities. To address these challenges, Korea University has introduced the Open Major system for international students. Unlike most university programs, our unique approach allows students to actively explore a variety of majors for one year before committing to the major that is right for them.
The Global Open Major Division, housed within the College of International Studies (CIS) at Korea University, provides specialized first-year courses exclusively designed for international students admitted through the Open Major system. During the first year, students engage in liberal arts courses that enhance their understanding of Korean culture and facilitate their adaptation to life in Korea. They also participate in lectures and workshops offered by various departments designed to help students explore and choose their fields of study more thoughtfully. Upon completion of the first-year program, students can freely choose their majors from a wide range of departments at Korea University, including engineering, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences (excluding the College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Education, and contract-based departments). Once they have selected a major, their affiliation will be transferred to the respective department.
The Global Open Major Division provides our educational curriculum in both Korean and English, allowing students to study in their preferred language based on their individual preferences and language abilities. Students opting for the Korean track will spend their first year at our division to further develop their Korean language skills before freely selecting their majors from the majority of departments at Korea University (excluding majors exclusive to the English track) when entering their second year. Students who choose the English track will have the opportunity to select their majors from a range of programs offered exclusively in English at Korea University.
The College of International Studies, where the Global Open Major Division is located, is a vibrant community comprising students from over 100 countries, fostering robust intercultural exchange. CIS fosters a global learning environment, enabling students and professors to freely share thoughts and experiences, gaining a broader worldview in their everyday lives. Global Open Major students can actively participate in a variety of student-led activities organized by the CIS Student Council and clubs at the university level.  Furthermore, CIS is home to several research centers and international organizations, such as the EU Center, International Human Rights Center, Center for East Asian Studies, Center for Global Climate and Marine Governance, the Development Futures Lab, and the UNDP Seoul Policy Centre, which offer additional opportunities for students to engage in events, research, and internships.
As one of the newest colleges at Korea University, CIS offers Global Open Major students access to Korea University's extensive global network. As of 2023, Korea University has established academic exchange agreements with over 1,100 prestigious universities and institutions from 99 countries, providing opportunities to study abroad at renowned universities across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and other regions. Moreover, Korea University operates special programs such as the Global Leadership Program (GLP) to cultivate students as regional experts. Global Open Major students are encouraged to participate in these programs, enhancing their global competence and broadening their perspectives.
Lastly, Korea University is located in Seoul, the vibrant hub of Asia, renowned for its dynamic economy and rich cultural resources. Students will have the singular opportunity to immerse themselves in a city that beautifully blends tradition and modernity. They can experience the fruits of Korea's remarkable economic development and its path to democratization over the past 70 years. Seoul also provides an ideal setting to explore themes of sustainable development and the future of humanity in an innovative environment.
Join us at Korea University's Global Open Major Division and embark on a transformative educational journey that will help you shape the future you envision for yourself and our world.