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DIS Exchange Programs

Faculty of Law and Letters, University of Ryukyus, Japan

University of Ryukyus

The University of the Ryukyus is located in the island of Okinawa, the southern part of Japan, and consists of seven faculties and eight graduate schools, established in 1950 on the remains of Shuri Castle. The aims of the Faculty of Law and Letters are to help students to gain a broad perspective, to obtain specialized knowledge, to have a positive international outlook, and to develop a sound and well-balanced personality. As a university with local and global features, the University of the Ryukyus has actively promoted international exchanges with academic institutions overseas, especially in the Asian and Pacific regions. To date, the university has concluded academic exchange agreements with 71 institutions in 28 countries and areas worldwide, resulting in a cosmopolitan and dynamic campus environment with many international students from all over the world.

University of Ryukyus
  Dual Degree Exchange
Number of Selected Students None 3
Maximum period of stay - Two Semesters

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore

National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is ranked consistently as one of the world's top universities. NUS is a comprehensive research university with an entrepreneurial dimension. It offers a wide range of disciplines, including the Sciences, Medicine and Dentistry, Design and Environment, Law, Arts and Social Sciences, Engineering, Business, Computing and Music in both undergraduate and postgraduate education. Founded in 1929, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) is one of the largest faculties in the National University of Singapore, encompassing 16 Departments with a wide range of academic offerings in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Asian Studies and Language Studies. Together with special programmes (such as Double Degree opportunities, special degrees with overseas partners, concurrent degrees, FASS track Asia Summer School, and a wide range of overseas Student Exchange Programme opportunities), FASS offers one of the most comprehensive and enriching educational experiences globally. FASS has a long tradition of teaching excellence, with many teaching award winners bringing their enthusiasm and experience directly to students in classrooms.

National University of Singapore
  Dual Degree Exchange
Number of Selected Students None 2
Maximum period of stay - One Semester