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KU CIS Student Council

The student council of Korea University’s College of International Studies (KU CIS) represents all students in KU CIS. The council is elected through an autonomous and democratic election held every year. In the election, candidates run a campaign in groups of two (president and vice president). Once elected, the president and vice president organize the student council by electing directors of bureaus and staff accordingly.

The council takes charge in preparing not only official school affairs but also unique events held exclusively by KU CIS. Major school events include Ipsilenti, a large student-organized festival, and Ko-Yon-Jeon, the Korea University friendship battles with its main traditional rival, Yonsei University. Other events held by the student council attempt to promote camaraderie among students and enhance students’ welfare. Moreover, the student council represents and protects the rights of KUDIS students by working as a liaison between the student body and university administration, faculty, staff, and alumni.

KU CIS student council’s mission is to work diligently to reflect diverse voices of KU CIS students. The council promises to act with the student body as a whole, organize social events, and strive to make your time in KU CIS a comfortable, unforgettable experience.

The student body social media and student council email can be found below: