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2024학년도 여름계절수업 국내대학 학점교류 안내[본교 학생의 타대학 수학(Outgoing)] CIS Office 317 2024.04.17
CIS Graduation Requirements CIS Office 3120 2024.01.26
The Human Rights and Gender Equality Center CIS&GSIS Office 2809 2023.12.26
[국제대학] 글로벌자율학부 교양 교육과정 CIS Office 3426 2023.11.16
글로벌자율학부 TOPIK 성적별 기초 한국어집중 교육과정 이수 안내 CIS Office 3277 2023.11.16
본교 학사관련 주요 규정 영문번역본 English Translation of Main Regulations Regarding Undergraduate Studies CIS Office 6656 2023.05.31
[업데이트2023.08.04] 국제관 대관 안내 Notice on KUCIS Facility Reservation Application CIS Office 8750 2023.03.20
[IMPORTANT] Notice for Foreign Students Only Regarding ARC CIS Office 12516 2022.07.19
KU Student Counseling Center (KUSCC) DIS Office 17871 2020.10.12
Forms DIS Office 18179 2020.09.04
CIS Office Appointment CIS Office 19459 2020.09.03
타대학 이수학점 인정절차 안내 (교환학생) Guidance on the procedure for recognition of credits of other universities (exchange student) DIS Office 19218 2020.08.28
8 Credit Recognition During Military Service DIS Office 734 2019.05.03
7 The Cases of Recognizing '글쓰기(GEWR001) Course or '심화글쓰기(SPFL131) Course as English/Foreign Language Courses DIS Office 693 2019.04.16
6 19-1 KUDIS Faculty Level Student Exchange Program DIS Office 721 2019.04.03
5 Photos of KOICA-KU 2018 Projects for Promoting Understanding on International Development and Cooperation DIS Office 822 2019.03.20
4 Students can check graduation requirements at DIS administration office DIS Office 799 2019.03.07
3 For the Students Who Registered for The Course "SPECIAL TOPICS IN INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE I" DIS Office 781 2019.03.05
2 A Course Named 'UNDERSTANDING GLOBAL BUSINESS' Will Be Open DIS Office 826 2019.03.05
1 Violence Prevention Education Guide DIS Office 944 2019.01.02