The Human Rights and Gender Equality Center provides immediate response and counseling for human rights violations, including sexual autonomy issues, occurring within the university. With three professional counselors available at the center to listen to the details of incidents and assist in handling cases, we encourage anyone who has directly experienced or witnessed human rights violations such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, various forms of discrimination, unfair treatment, or harassment, not to hesitate but seek guidance from the professional counselors. They can help explore solutions for problem-solving and guide through the process of handling the incidents.

To address discrimination, harassment, and violence occurring at Korea University, the doors of the Human Rights and Gender Equality Center are always open to all members of the university community (students, professors/instructors, staff, etc.).

- Location: Dongwon Global Leadership Hall #101

- Contact: 02-3290-1700

- Email: 

The confidentiality of personal information, counseling, and reported content is strictly guaranteed.

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