1.CIS·GSIS Commencement

 1) This commencement will be organized by CIS·GSIS. It will be held offline ONLY. 

 - Korea University holds a graduation ceremony once a year in February.

 Students who graduate this August may also attend the KU Graduation Ceremony in

 February 2024.

 2) Date : Friday, February 23, 2024 (11:10 am - 12:10 pm)

 3) Venue : #214 International Studies Hall

 - The attendees must wear the graduation gown and be seated at the venue by 11:00.

 - You may park on campus - ask for a one-day parking pass

 at the entrance of #214 International Studies Hall - but please take public transportation to avoid traffic jams.

 - Your friend or family may join this ceremony.

2. Gown Rental & Return Period 

Please check the following link. Link

3. Certificate of Graduation Issuance

 1) Certificate of Graduation can be issued multiple times according to your needs.

 2) It will be available on KUPID → Info Depot (or at One-Stop Service Center) 1-2 days AFTER February 23.

Diploma Pick-up

*Please don't make an appointment if you are attending the DIS graduation ceremony, you will receive the diploma on the spot.

*국제학부 학위수여식에 참석하실 경우 현장에서 학위기를 수여하기에 학위기 수령 방문예약을 신청하지 마시기 바랍니다. 

If you don't participate in the graduation ceremony, please make a reservation and receive it according to the guide below.

졸업식 불참의 경우, 아래의 안내에 따라 예약하시고 수령하시길 바랍니다.

February 23 After 2 pm: at Room #223 (CIS office)

▶ Office Hour: Monday-Friday 09:30-17:30 (12:00-13:00 Lunch Break)

- Please make an appointment before visiting the DIS Office. [CLICK]

- Student ID or ID Card required 

- Students must pick up the diploma by themselves. But if student is not able to visit the office with the special reasons, it is available to delegate a person to pick up the diploma by following steps. 

1) Step 1: Submit the Authorization Letter for Diploma Pick-Up to DIS Email (dis@korea.ac.kr) (available from 20(Tuesday) February, 2024)

2) Step 2: DIS Office confirmed the document with email

3) Step 3: Must make an appointment and visit the DIS Office to pick up [CLICK]

- 국제학부 사전 예약 후 방문[CLICK(2024.02.20일부터가능)

- 학생증 혹은 신분증 지침

- 졸업증서는 본인 수령이 원칙입니다. 불가피한 사정으로 인해 직접 행정실에

  방문이 어려운 경우, 아래의 방식으로 대리수령 가능합니다. 

- Step 1: 국제학부 이메일(dis@korea.ac.kr)로 대리수령 위임장을 제출


- Step 2: 행정실에서 서류확인 및 확인 이메일 발송

- Step 3: 행정실에서 이메일을 받으신 후 예약방문을 하여 주시기 바랍니다.  [CLICK

- CIS Administration Office does not provide postal service.