We would like to assist you immediately upon your visit to the GSIS Office. We also want to have all ready and prepared for you prior to your visit.

Please read carefully with following information and make an appointment to visit the GSIS Office. Keep in mind that our assistance will be limited without the appointment.

▶How to Schedule an Appointment: Sign up [HERE]
  * Please write down reason for the appointment in detail.
  * You must make an appointment from following reason:
    - 입시 원본서류 제출 또는 입시 관련하여 부득이하게 방문해야 하는 경우
       [Student ID Number]란에 '지원자'로 기입 요망
If you have to visit the office regarding the admission for inevitable reasons,  
please put your applicant number on Student ID Number]
    - To get the signature for visa related documents 
    - To get the signature stamp(s) of Thesis/Academic Advisor and/or the committee member(s) on the form(s)   ※ You must forward the email approval(s) from Thesis/Academic Advisor and/or the committee member(s) to gsis@korea.ac.kr before you make the appointment.
    - To submit the Completed Thesis in person to the GSIS Office
    - To pick up your "Diploma" - not Certificate of Graduation
    - Others

Appointment will be 15 minutes in length. If you require additional time, a follow-up appointment may be required. This is to ensure we are able to assist as many students as possible.

  * If you need to cancel the appointment, please cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment.
  * Please note that your appointment could be cancelled when the staff is not available and the GSIS Office will email to make another appointment for you.